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    Add.: Guangzhou City, Guangdong Province, China
    Tel.: +86-020-22883930
    Fax: +86-020-22883900

    Main Products
      1. Qpad 2 GIS Data CollectorOpad 2 GIS data collector carries Android 2.3 system and 1GB cotex-A8 processor. It is equipped with 7" high resolution 1024*600 pixels sunlight readable touch ...
      1. V30-S Integrated Intelligent Static GPS Software: HDS-2003 data processing software
        Function: Baseline processing, network adjustment, height fitting and detailed report.
      1. Marine SurveyorWe are a manufacturer of marine surveyor in China; our products include marine surveyor, surveying GPS and GIS data collector. We offer high-quality products at ...
      1. System ProjectWe has built almost 300 single base stations in China, which forms almost half the CORS market. It has also built 5 CORS systems of multi-base stations in Nanyang...
      1. Qstar 8 GIS Data Collector Qstar 8 comes with the outstanding features of most portable handheld RTK and centimeter level RTK accuracy. Due to its dual frequency GPS plus GNSS positioning cater ...