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    Established in China in1999, We are a high-tech product manufacturer, specializing in the development and manufacture of GNSS products. We has established seven technical service centers and 36 branches throughout China, comprising a nationwide sales and service network. Our company employs 1100 people and has annual sales of 45.75 million USD.

    The chairman of our company, Dinghai Liao, was one of the first to research GNSS in our country. For many years, Mr. Liao has been dedicated to GNSS technology nationalization and industrialization. In the early 90s, Mr. Liao won the second place award of Army Scientific and Technological Progress, and he had the privilege to meet with Chairman Ze-Min Jiang due to his great contribution to GNSS scientific research.

    We headquarters is located in Guangzhou City and occupies 3,000 square meters. We have established a first-class GNSS simulation laboratory, R&D center and four self-owned workshops. With excellent hardware facilities and advanced technology, we are able to offer you complete GNSS solutions, no matter how difficult the problem is you are facing. Most of our business involves the production of surveying GNSS products, ultrasonic digital sounders, GIS data acquisition system, marine engineering application integrated systems, geological disaster monitoring systems, etc.

    Over the past decade, We has earned the titles of National High-tech Enterprise, Technology Research and Development Center, Double-Soft-Enterprise, and Excellent Software Enterprise. We have obtained ten patents, 19 copyrights, and the Guangzhou Municipal Science and Technology Progress Prize. Furthermore, We products are CE and FCC certified.

    If you have any need for our GNSS products, please feel free to contact us. We at look forward to cooperating with you!

    Main Products
      1. Surveying GPS (GNSS)GNSS is short for Global Navigation Satellite System.
        At present, GNSS includes the American GPS, Russian GLONASS, Chinese Compass and EU's Galileo, with...
      1. GIS Data Collector In order to strengthen land resource management, better participate in the macro economy regulation, more accurate, abundant and real-time information about ...
      1. ZTS-320R Total StationThe product supports the data transfer via SD card, USB pen drive, and mini-B interface.
        With the backlight for the display and the keyboard...
      1. Marine SurveyorWe are a manufacturer of marine surveyor in China; our products include marine surveyor, surveying GPS and GIS data collector. We offer high-quality products at ...
      1. System ProjectWe has built almost 300 single base stations in China, which forms almost half the CORS market. It has also built 5 CORS systems of multi-base stations in Nanyang...